1632 CamoSpecs

The Guide to BattleTech Regimental Paint Schemes

The most powerful regiments are comprised of BattleMechs and MechWarriors. All are steeped in tradition, honor, and duty. A single BattleMech can level a city, and can only be opposed by another of its kind. Piloted by the elite class known as MechWarriors, these machines, when organized into regiments, are a force to make planets tremble.

Regiments are built on pride. A regiment's colors embody that pride. The Guide to BattleTech Regimental Paint Schemes provides the distinctive patterns and colors, as well as a description of selected regiments of the Inner Sphere.

Includes 44 full-color illustrations, including several 'Mechs, tanks, and other vehicles in Arctic, Woodland, and Desert camouflage schemes.

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